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Save Canada’s Lighthouses

A storm on the horizon with no safe port in sight. Each region in Canada has it’s own type of …

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KSC press site panorama, final launch of space shuttle Atlantis, STS-135
STS-135 Launch Panorama

Space shuttle Atlantis heads for orbit during the final launch of the space shuttle program. ┬áThe w…

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Beaver with mouth open, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

A beaver poses for a Ms. Manners poster, displaying teeth stained red from a winter diet of bark.…

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Windswept pine tree and star trails, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay
Starry Night

A lone windswept pine frames the celestial equator near Parry Sound, Georgian Bay.…

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Visual Application Development

Toronto Earth Hour 2012 Before & After screenshot, Visual Application Development
Toronto Earth Hour 2012: Before & After

Primary application: Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe After Effects Language: Actionscript 2.0 Client: In-hous…

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