Bell Canada VEPR Client

Primary application:  Adobe Flash 8
Language:  Actionscript 2.0, XML
Client:  Bell Canada
Status:  Offsite, available to subscribers only

Mixing a dynamic vertical animation engine with complex logic based on live data feeds, the Bell Canada VEPR client was implemented to help subscribers migrate their legacy channels into modern subscription packages in an intuitive and easy-to-use way.

Bell Canada VEPR client, Sean Tamblyn visual application developmentAbove: a multi-level vertical animation system with custom motion easing make navigation simple.  The selections palette remains onscreen at all time, regardless of how tall the channel selection becomes.

Bell Canada VEPR client dialog box, Sean Tamblyn visual application development

Featuring a complex dependency hierarchy, VEPR’s success is based on the system deselecting channels that conflict with others, or selecting channels that are inclusive of another selection.  The system also calculates live pricing, and automatically upgrades channel packages if there is no cost to the user.

Integrated with Adobe’s Media Server, information on each channel was available with full text, images, and video.  Graphic design was handled out-of-house.

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