Messages from the Past

Primary application:  Adobe Flash MX, NewTek LightWave
Language:  Actionscript 1.0
Client:  In-house development
Status:  Offline

Sometimes you need an interface right out of left field, something beyond mere HTML buttons and square grids.  Enter Messages from the Past, a project born from the discovery of a childhood answering machine message tape.

Messages from the Past, Sean Tamblyn visual application development

Above:  not your traditional audio interface.  All buttons are fully animated, and work exactly as their real-world counterparts do.  The number buttons produce DTMF tones that will actually dial a real phone.

Messages from the Past load frame, Sean Tamblyn visual application developmentFeaturing a fully 3D animated and interactive office phone, with live rocker buttons and animated shadows, this audio interface produces DTMF tones that can actually dial a real phone.  Each Line button plays a different message from the original magnetic audio tape, the Release and Hold buttons pause or end playback, and the animated volume rocker switch adjusts the volume up or down.

The dynamic LCD screen also displays data on each track being played.  This is as close to a real office phone as you can get, and much more entertaining.


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