Performance & Events

Danza de los Voladores, Monte Alban, Mexico


A ‘flying man’ flies through the air, descending from a 30m tall pole using nothing but jute rope, performing the Danza de los Voladores near Monte Alban, Mexico.

USAF Blue Angels flying inverted over Cocoa Beach, Florida

Mirror Mirror

Cpt. Aaron Jelinek of the United States Air Force Blue Angels flies in formation with SSgt. Shane Hutchins (inverted) over Cocoa Beach.

Shuffle Demons' 1000 saxophone world record attempt of Hockey Night in Canada panorama, Dundas Square, Toronto

1000 Hockey Nights

Almost 1000 saxophones playing the Hockey Night in Canada theme fill Toronto’s Dundas Square, led by the Shuffle Demons in an attempt to break the world record for most saxophones playing a song at the same time.

Thermonuclear bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Thermonuclear Equinox

A single Christmas tree, dried out for three months, goes thermonuclear during the annual Spring equinox bonfire on Ward’s Island.

Panorama of Caché onstage, Lula Lounge, Toronto


Salsa band Caché heats up the Lula Lounge in Toronto.