City of Lights II

Toronto skyline at night panorama, Centre Island, Toronto IslandsThe lights of Toronto come on at night in this high resolution panorama, as seen from the Toronto Islands Centre Island.

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  1. Andy Barrow says:

    Hi Sean, great work on display here – the Toronto-night pano is beautifully done. Toronto islands are one of my favourite places to get away from the city and shoot. Do you have a Flickr account by any chance? Would love exchange contacts and keep up with your latest work.

    Toronto Islands set:

    Kind Regards
    Andy Barrow.

    • Sean says:

      Thanks Andy!

      No, I haven’t set anything up on Flickr, though I should probably set up an account at some point. If you’re a fan of the Island, I also maintain the Lagoon Report, with occasional postings of the goings-on Island-side. It truly is a wonderful place,


  2. This photo would make an awesome Facebook cover. Love it ^.^

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