Primary application:  Adobe Flash 8
Language:  Actionscript 2.0
Client:  In-house development
Status:  Launch Fishteroids!

An homage to the original 1979 Atari classic Asteroids, Fishteroids! was an in-house lesson to relearn geometry, vectors, and collision detection.  Fishteroids! pits you as the indomitable Mr. Fish against an ever-increasing field of asteroids that split into ever-smaller and more numerous rocky offspring.

Fishteroids! title screen shot, Sean Tamblyn visual application developmentAbove:  a faithful, yet completely scaleable, recreation of the original Atari classic, right down to the original vector style imagery.

Fishteroids! flying saucer, Sean Tamblyn visual application developmentRelive the earliest days of video games in their 8-bit glory, and see how long you can survive.  Free Fish at 10,000 points!

Click here to launch Fishteroids! in a new window.


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