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Messages from the Past, Sean Tamblyn visual application development

Messages from the Past

Primary application:  Adobe Flash MX, NewTek LightWave Language:  Actionscript 1.0 Client:  In-house development Status:  Offline Sometimes you need an interface right out of left field, something beyond mere HTML buttons and square grids.  Enter Messages from the Past, a project born from the discovery of a childhood answering machine message tape. Above:  not your traditional audio interface. […]

Global Nuclear Testing, 1945-2005, interface screenshot

Global Nuclear Testing, 1945-2005

Primary application:  Adobe Flash MX Language:  Actionscript 1.0 Client:  In-house development Status:  Launch Global Nuclear Testing, 1945-2005 Over the course of sixty years, world powers have detonated nuclear devices yielding over 500 megatons, more than 30,000 times the destructive force that devastated Hiroshima.  Take a walk through the history of global nuclear testing, from 1945-2005, and […]