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Venus and Jupiter conjunction 2012 and aircraft trails over Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter streak past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse on the Toronto Islands during their conjunction of 2012, competing with star and aircraft trails from the nearby Toronto City Center Airport. The oldest remaining lighthouse on the Great Lakes, Gibraltar Point was constructed around 1808 and stands 82 feet tall.

Upside down Christmas trees, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Unforest

Heavy fog shrouds Christmas trees, hung in the Ward’s Island traffic circle in preparation for the annual Spring equinox celebrations.

Space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134, light by xenon lights on the launch pad at night

Endeavour Xenon

Space shuttle Endeavour, shortly after rollback of the Rotating Service Structure, sits bathed in Xenon lights for the final time.

STS-133 RSS Rollback Thumbnail

STS-133 RSS Rollback (timelapse)

The Rotating Service Structure is rolled back from space shuttle Discovery for the final time, revealing the veteran orbiter over the course of 45 minutes for launch the next day.

STS-132 RSS Rollback thumbnail

STS-132 RSS Rollback (timelapse)

The Rotating Service Structure rolls back from the launch pad, revealing space shuttle AtlantisĀ over the course of 45 minutes on the eve of her ‘first final flight’ as STS-132.