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Chris Hadfield, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Chris Hadfield

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gives an interview at the press site of the Kennedy Space Centre.  Hadfield flew on two shuttle missions, STS-74 (Atlantis) and STS-100 (Endeavour).

Closeup of final launch of space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134

Where The Wind Blows

Wreathed in her own launch plume, space shuttle Endeavour lifts off on the final launch of her career, hauling the US $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station. After landing, she’ll be processed and turned over to the California Science Center for permanent display.

STS-133 final launch of space shuttle Discovery

One More Time

Space shuttle Discovery, STS-133 lifts off from the launch pad for the final time. Within twenty seconds of missing her launch window and being forced to abort, she had a flawless ascent to orbit.

STS-132 RSS Rollback thumbnail

STS-132 RSS Rollback (timelapse)

The Rotating Service Structure rolls back from the launch pad, revealing space shuttle Atlantis over the course of 45 minutes on the eve of her ‘first final flight’ as STS-132.

STS-132 launch of space shuttle Atlantis panorama from the roof of the VAB

STS-132 Launch Panorama

Space shuttle Atlantis, STS-132, blasts off from LC-39A on her ‘first final flight’. This is an extremely wide panorama, encompassing an expansive view of the Florida coastline as seen from the top of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building. Click image to view larger.

STS-132 launch of space shuttle Atlantis

Ascent Trail

Trailing a long plume of exhaust gases, space shuttle Atlantis (STS-132) heads for orbit from the Kennedy Space Centre.