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Windswept pine tree and star trails, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Starry Night

A lone windswept pine frames the celestial equator near Parry Sound, Georgian Bay.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction 2012 and aircraft trails over Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter streak past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse on the Toronto Islands during their conjunction of 2012, competing with star and aircraft trails from the nearby Toronto City Center Airport. The oldest remaining lighthouse on the Great Lakes, Gibraltar Point was constructed around 1808 and stands 82 feet tall.

Upside down Christmas trees, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Unforest

Heavy fog shrouds Christmas trees, hung in the Ward’s Island traffic circle in preparation for the annual Spring equinox celebrations.

STS-135 final launch of space shuttle Atlantis from remote launch pad camera

Wonderful Profile

Space shuttle Atlantis clears the tower for the final time, signalling the end of the space shuttle program.

Star trails over the Churchill Islands, Georgian Bay

Churchill Trails

The starry night spins around Polaris, framing my temporary home while kayak touring Georgian Bay’s Churchill Islands.

Lighthouse at Sunset, Snug Harbour, Georgian Bay

Snug Harbour Light

The light of the setting sun catches the lighthouse at Snug Harbour, in Ontario’s Georgian Bay.

Osprey nest in front of VAB, Kennedy Space Centre

NASA Marshalls

A family of ospreys stand watch in their nest, framed by the NASA ‘meatball’ logo on the side of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Flag for space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134

Flag Forward

Endeavour’s flag flies proudly over Launch Complex 39A. This is actually a fairly difficult shot to get, 95% of the time the wind blows the flag backwards.

Space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134, light by xenon lights on the launch pad at night

Endeavour Xenon

Space shuttle Endeavour, shortly after rollback of the Rotating Service Structure, sits bathed in Xenon lights for the final time.

Zero days to launch sign in front of the VAB, final launch of space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134

Zero Days

A sign on the roadway leading to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building proclaims the day of launch for space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134.

USAF Blue Angels flying inverted over Cocoa Beach, Florida

Mirror Mirror

Cpt. Aaron Jelinek of the United States Air Force Blue Angels flies in formation with SSgt. Shane Hutchins (inverted) over Cocoa Beach.

STS-133 space shuttle Discovery and the ISS in orbit over the Toronto skyline


The International Space Station, with a full complement of visiting vehicles from all participating nations including space shuttle Discovery, soars in orbit over Toronto at 7:02 P.M. This is a stacked set of eight images, the gaps in the trail are caused by the ~1 second delay between shutter actuations.

STS-133 space shuttle Discovery on the launch pad after RSS rollback


Space shuttle Discovery, STS-133, aims purposefully skyward on the launch pad immediately after rollback of the Rotating Service Structure.

STS-133 final launch of space shuttle Discovery solid rocket booster staging progression

Staging Progression

Two minutes after launch, space shuttle Discovery’s twin Solid Rocket Boosters burn out and separate from the orbiter, to fall back to the Atlantic ocean for retrieval.

STS-133 final launch of space shuttle Discovery roll program

Roll Program

Space shuttle Discovery, STS-133, performs her roll program after clearing the tower at Launch Complex 39A.

STS-132 space shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad after RSS rollback

STS-132 Rollback

Space shuttle Atlantis, STS-132, stands revealed on the launch pad after rollback of the Rotating Service Structure, the day before her ‘first final flight’. This is a small detail from a several hundred megapixel final composition.

STS-132 launch of space shuttle Atlantis

Level Roll

Pulling level with the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building, space shuttle Atlantis (STS-132) has completed enough of her roll manouever to see directly between the External Tank and the orbiter itself.

STS-132 launch of space shuttle Atlantis

VAB Liftoff

Space shuttle Atlantis, STS-132, clears the tower as seen from the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Florence skyline panorama, Florence, Italy


Twilight settles over the beautiful Italian city of Florence.

Moonrise over Manarola, Cinque Terra, Italy

Moonrise Over Manarola

Part of a larger panorama, featuring moonrise over the seaside town of Manarola, Cinque Terra, Italy.

Beaver with mouth open, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


A beaver poses for a Ms. Manners poster, displaying teeth stained red from a winter diet of bark.

Baby map turtle on log, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Pagoda Baby

A baby map turtle, no more than four inches long, basks on a floating branch.

Young mallard duckling, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Green Seas

A mallard duckling swims alone on the reflected colours of a June afternoon.

Black-crowned night heron in flight, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Flight Lines

A mature black-crowned night heron wings its way past the camera, at the end of its long migration north for the summer.