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Star trails over the Churchill Islands, Georgian Bay

Churchill Trails

The starry night spins around Polaris, framing my temporary home while kayak touring Georgian Bay’s Churchill Islands.

STS-133 space shuttle Discovery and the ISS in orbit over the Toronto skyline


The International Space Station, with a full complement of visiting vehicles from all participating nations including space shuttle Discovery, soars in orbit over Toronto at 7:02 P.M. This is a stacked set of eight images, the gaps in the trail are caused by the ~1 second delay between shutter actuations.

Sunrise twilight over pier, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Centre Pier Sunrise

The pier at Centre Island stands in stark silhouette on the Toronto Islands.

Bustard Islands lighthouse star trails, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Bustard Trails 2011

August stars streak over the Bustard Islands’ lighthouse and twin ranges.

Toronto skyline and crumbling eastern gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

End of the Road VI

The eastern gap breakwall, slowly crumbling into the inner harbour, frames the Toronto skyline on a clear winter’s night.

Inukshuk star trails, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Inukshuk Trails

Lit by the light of the rising full moon, an inukshuk stands lonely vigil over October starlight.

Pine trees silhouetted by the rising moon, Big McCoy Island, Georgian Bay

Night Shelter

The rising full moon competes with the night sky over Big McCoy Island, silhouetting a classic Georgian Bay tree.

Toronto city ferry Ongiara at night, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

1630 to the City

The ferry Ongiara streaks towards Toronto in this wintertime long exposure.

Northern pike underwater, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Painterly Cruising

A northern pike, captured by a remote FishEYE II, cruises the spawning grounds in early spring.