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Windswept pine tree and star trails, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Starry Night

A lone windswept pine frames the celestial equator near Parry Sound, Georgian Bay.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction 2012 and aircraft trails over Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter streak past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse on the Toronto Islands during their conjunction of 2012, competing with star and aircraft trails from the nearby Toronto City Center Airport. The oldest remaining lighthouse on the Great Lakes, Gibraltar Point was constructed around 1808 and stands 82 feet tall.

KSC press site panorama, final launch of space shuttle Atlantis, STS-135

STS-135 Launch Panorama

Space shuttle Atlantis heads for orbit during the final launch of the space shuttle program.  The wideangle lens used in this 360° panorama makes the press site at Kennedy Space Center seem oddly empty, a huge number of people were on hand to witness the final launch of the 30-year program. Click image to view […]

Final launch of space shuttle Atlantis, STS-135, over a dry lake bed

Monsoon Season

A remote camera set up on a dry lake bed captures space shuttle Atlantis clearing the tower during launch of STS-135. Heavy rains preceding launch day dramatically changed the nature of this photograph, turning the foreground from a brilliant landscape of caked and broken earth to something approaching a mudbowl.

Gentleman on cell phone, final launch of space shuttle Atlantis, STS-135

Important Business

A gentleman conducts important business on his phone as Atlantis reaches for the clouds, mere seconds after the final launch of the space shuttle program.

Star trails over the Churchill Islands, Georgian Bay

Churchill Trails

The starry night spins around Polaris, framing my temporary home while kayak touring Georgian Bay’s Churchill Islands.

Pclix LT Product Shot

Pclix LT

Pclix LT The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife Manufacturer: 1017 Visual Effects Inc. Website: MSRP:  USD $150.00 The Pclix LT has long been one of those items that is always in my camera bag.  Small, efficient, and versatile, it’s the must-have tool for photographing star trails, timelapse sequences, and long-exposure work.  It’s field programmable, runs […]

Final launch of space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134


Space shuttle Endeavour disappears into the clouds 22 seconds after liftoff, seen across the water from the Banana Creek viewing site.

STS-133 final launch of space shuttle Discovery panorama

STS-133 Launch Panorama

Space shuttle Discovery soars into the Florida skies, as seen in this 180° panorama taken from Astronaut Road. The massive Vehicle Assembly Building can be seen on the right, and Launch Complex 39B on the left. Click image to view larger.

STS-133 RSS Rollback Thumbnail

STS-133 RSS Rollback (timelapse)

The Rotating Service Structure is rolled back from space shuttle Discovery for the final time, revealing the veteran orbiter over the course of 45 minutes for launch the next day.

STS-133 space shuttle Discovery and the ISS in orbit over the Toronto skyline


The International Space Station, with a full complement of visiting vehicles from all participating nations including space shuttle Discovery, soars in orbit over Toronto at 7:02 P.M. This is a stacked set of eight images, the gaps in the trail are caused by the ~1 second delay between shutter actuations.

STS-132 RSS Rollback thumbnail

STS-132 RSS Rollback (timelapse)

The Rotating Service Structure rolls back from the launch pad, revealing space shuttle Atlantis over the course of 45 minutes on the eve of her ‘first final flight’ as STS-132.

STS-132 launch of space shuttle Atlantis panorama from the roof of the VAB

STS-132 Launch Panorama

Space shuttle Atlantis, STS-132, blasts off from LC-39A on her ‘first final flight’. This is an extremely wide panorama, encompassing an expansive view of the Florida coastline as seen from the top of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building. Click image to view larger.

Sunrise twilight over pier, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Centre Pier Sunrise

The pier at Centre Island stands in stark silhouette on the Toronto Islands.

Bustard Islands lighthouse star trails, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Bustard Trails 2011

August stars streak over the Bustard Islands’ lighthouse and twin ranges.

Toronto skyline and crumbling eastern gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

End of the Road VI

The eastern gap breakwall, slowly crumbling into the inner harbour, frames the Toronto skyline on a clear winter’s night.

Inukshuk star trails, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Inukshuk Trails

Lit by the light of the rising full moon, an inukshuk stands lonely vigil over October starlight.

Toronto city ferry Ongiara at night, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

1630 to the City

The ferry Ongiara streaks towards Toronto in this wintertime long exposure.

Northern pike underwater, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Painterly Cruising

A northern pike, captured by a remote FishEYE II, cruises the spawning grounds in early spring.