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Toronto Earth Hour 2012 Before & After screenshot, Visual Application Development

Toronto Earth Hour 2012: Before & After

Primary application: Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe After Effects Language: Actionscript 2.0 Client: In-house development Status: Launch Toronto Earth Hour 2012: Before & After Who left the lights on? Above:  a screenshot of the Toronto Earth Hour 2012 visualization. Earth Hour presents a particular photographic challenge:  how do you show the before and after on a […]

Shoot RS-80N3 product shot

Shoot RS-80N3

Shoot RS-80N3 The cheapest way from here to there Manufacturer: Shenzhen Shoot Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. Website:  n/a (see below) MSRP:  USD $5.00, or thereabouts There’s photographic equipment, and then there’s photographic equipment.  If you’ve spent much time in a camera store, you know it’s almost impossible to escape without laying down at least a hundred […]